The One Month Countdown

Only a month away, more and more the reality of going to Sweden is materializing. I have my flight itinerary, my passport; all my forms are in; my visa is being processed; and my housing and classes are all confirmed. At the moment, I am working on getting ready to pack (it’s a process) and continuing my research to better prepare myself for my travels and stay. I like making lists and writing out my plans, so preparing is fun for me.

Here’s some info about my stay in Sweden, in case you’re looking into going there yourself.

My housing: Rackarbergsgatan 26

My classes: Cognition & Learning, (En)Gendering International Development, The Life and Times of the Dinosaurs, Swedish (language)

Today’s Tips:

  • If you’re looking into flights, I suggest StudentUniverse and SkyScanner.
  • Make sure you let your phone company, bank, and health providers know you’ll be abroad.
  • Use your university’s resources and consult with your advisor as much as you want/need.
  • Look stuff up! You can find a lot of helpful information on the internet, but remember to remain critical.
  • Another great way to get some good insight is to ask other students who have studied abroad, especially in the country you’re going to.

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