Highlights From My First Month: Part Three

This post will finish up discussing events from my first month. Not every day is included; I focused on things that seemed pretty distinctive to me. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section! The following posts will involve me trying to catch up to the present, so stay tuned!

7 september 2015

I found out I made it into Basic Swedish 3, which is the highest level; both exciting and terrifying. The entrance exam was reading comprehension and grammar; I’m more comfortable with reading and writing, so I think that’s what helped me get into the course. Now, I’ll get to work more on my conversation, which was one of the reasons I came here!

I had some more bonding time with my flatmates when we cleaned out our kitchen, which was really nice. Sometimes, we keep more to ourselves, so it’s good to spend some time together. A moment of advice: make the effort to get to know and talk with your flatmates. You’re living with these people for however many months, so it’s a good idea to build relationships with them in case you need to discuss something about the household situation or if you want to hang out and be friends.

10 september 2015

The first day of my Swedish course has come! It took place at the Arkivcentrum. We had quite a lot of people. I had a friend in my class, so that made me more comfortable, but I still stumbled over my words. But I’m here to improve and get over this nervousness!

When I got home from my class, I had a conversation with some of my flatmates in Swedish, which boosted my confidence because they actually believed I was a competent speaker haha.

11 september 2015

This was the day of our first Stockholm trip! We set out in the morning, just after a quick spontaneous fika. I, of course, really enjoyed the train ride (because I rarely get to take them at home). It was a gorgeous day out and we spent the majority of the day walking around and checking out the sites. We decided to leave museums and such for another time and just get a feel for the city. I particularly enjoyed walking through the smaller, older streets with all the shops and restaurants.

DSC01181 DSC01183 DSC01184 DSC01186 DSC01185 DSC01187 DSC01189 DSC01188 DSC01190 20150911_111318 DSC01191 DSC01192 DSC01193 DSC01194 DSC01195 20150911_145444DSC01196 DSC01197 DSC01198 DSC01199 DSC01200 DSC01201 DSC01202 DSC01203 DSC01204 DSC01205 DSC01206 DSC01207 DSC01208 DSC01209 DSC01210 DSC01212 DSC01213 DSC01214 DSC01215 DSC01216 DSC01217 DSC01218 DSC01219 DSC01220 DSC01221 DSC01223 DSC01224 DSC01225 DSC01226 DSC01228 DSC01230 DSC01231 DSC01232 DSC01233 DSC01234 DSC01236 DSC01237 DSC01239 DSC01240 DSC01241 DSC01242 DSC01243 DSC01245 DSC01247 DSC01248 DSC01249 DSC01250 DSC01251 DSC01252 DSC01253

We stopped at one restaurant for a nice lunch.

DSC01255 DSC01256 DSC01257 DSC01260 DSC01261 DSC01262 DSC01263 DSC01264 DSC01265 DSC01267 DSC01269 DSC01272 DSC01273

Eventually, we made our way up to Skinnarviksberget, which is basically a mountain with the most incredible view of Stockholm. We spent quite a bit of time up there.

DSC01275 DSC01276 DSC01277 DSC01278 DSC01279 DSC01280 DSC01281  DSC01284 DSC01285 DSC01286 DSC01287 DSC01288 DSC01289 DSC01290 DSC01291 DSC01292 DSC01293 DSC01294

Here are some photos taken by one of the other women on the trip:

11999799_10206290144985227_1657904488507132900_o 11999648_10206290145025228_2141619119155931905_o 11224159_10206290144945226_2707629769411896471_n 11895181_10206290149465339_2697807409419994152_o 11999713_10206290148025303_4038375494509111164_o 12002033_10206290149505340_8948732907276042895_n 11951630_10206290149545341_2427957363449144570_o 11169668_10206290154705470_3467935763277367402_o 11169158_10206290164225708_6971954603661532334_o

12 september 2015

Kulturnatten! This is a city-wide festival that celebrate Swedish and Uppsalian culture. There’s music, food, several types of entertainment performances, tours, and lectures in the historical buildings. On this night, the city transforms and people can be found in every direction. My friends and I walked around, got some goodies to eat, and even watched a fire show.

DSC01302 DSC01297 DSC01296

One of the events we attended was a lecture at the Gustavianum; what we didn’t know was that it was going to be completely in Swedish. Hannah and I could understand a bit, but the rest of our friends were completely lost. It became quite humorous.

16 september 2015

I had my first Kalmars choir rehearsal in the evening. I had an audition on the 14th which consisted of a group rehearsal and then four-part performance of the song we had learned; and I made it! The first rehearsal was really enjoyable and comfortable. The instructor was funny and had us do a few exercises to get to know one another before running our warm-up (during which I identified several techniques that we use in choir back home). In the middle of the rehearsal, we took a break for fika. For this semester so far, we’ll have songs in Norwegian, Swedish, Saami, English and Russian.

After rehearsal, I walked with another member of the choir to Gotlands nation for the SFQ welcoming event. SFQ is the Swedish Federation for Queers and we have a branch here in Uppsala that organizes events for students of varying sexual and gender identities. I actually joined right away at the International Fair; I’m excited to see what they put on. The guy I walked with had some friends from a course there and I knew a young woman I had met on the shuttle the first day I arrived. We had a really nice time talking together.

18 september 2015

We had our second pizza and Harry Potter movie night; this time at Hannah’s. This is becoming one of my favourite traditions here. We have so much fun cooking and goofing off together. And we watch Harry Potter in Swedish, which is funny because we know the films so well that we hardly need the English subtitles anyway.


P.s. I don’t eat cheese, but my friend Hannah (who is vegan) introduced me to vegan cheese. It’s great.


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